Founded - Feb 2018

Why build a social media management tool when there are 50 others? But are these tools really helping and have these tools reached every marketer.

The likes of Hootsuite and Buffer are not only digging customers pocket but customers are unsatisfied with the value proposition. The idea of Growcia started with improvising. We wanted to give marketer a more simplified and affordable next-generation tool for social media communications.

42+ Million Facebook pages | 25+ Million Instagram business accounts That’s not a joke. This is exactly why you need a tool !!!.

Quarter population of the world is on social media; making social media an integral part of any business globally.

Problem We Saw

A tool is made to reduce human effort or solve a particular problem. The 1st problem we identified was limitation to the user. Eliminating user limitation was the first goal. The 2nd problem we chose to address was affordability and accessibility of online tools. With 1000s of startup emerging everyday it was necessary to have a boot-strapped thinking while creating this product.


Building a tool with no limitation was always at the back of the head. Like Steve Jobs said “BE LIMITLESS”.

Our Core Values

Customer experience, extreme easiness and flexible.

Long Term Approach

Online tool industry has grown rapidly in the past few years addressing some real life changing problems. We want to create as many tools as possible in the next decade with the same ideology to empower digital businesses across the world. We will not only create these tools but educate people to use them.


Aspire together.